$top Government Waste, Fraud and Abuse


The Pima Association of Taxpayers, Inc. continues to study all facets of proposed ballot items, along with other measures of consideration and concern, in various municipalities that impact taxpayers in Arizona. We seek to inform and educate, point out areas of consternation, and illuminate reasons for questions and opposition to some government actions and proposals. We research  legislative actions and analyze public records related to cities, school districts, colleges and universities, with reference primarily as to how they spend taxpayer money.                                                       



Members of PAT, all volunteers, sponsor public forums; attend numerous  meetings, including Mayor and Council, Pima County Board of Supervisors, Rio Nuevo Board, Pima County Bond Advisory Committee and various school districts; keep abreast of legislative and ballot measures; publish findings in newsletters, news releases, ballot pamphlet arguments and on the PAT website; and speak in public to share information.



We obtain public records related to cities, school districts, colleges and universities, interested primarily in how they spend taxpayer money. We research and analyze data, provide feedback and recommend action regarding significant issues for taxpayers. We gratefully acknowledge the times when working together, we’ve leveraged opposition to proposals that would have enabled additional serious expenditures for taxpayers, targeting businesses at an even greater percentage rate. We’ve successfully defeated ballot propositions that would have had deleterious impacts upon all of us.




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